Missouri police chief resigns after beating man for attempting to drown baby

Greenwood, Missouri Police Chief Greg Hallgrimson is losing his job for doing what many are calling completely justified.

Chief Hallgrimson is being accused of using excessive force against a man who allegedly tried to drown his baby girl.

Stunned by Confession

The incident happened in late December. Jonathan Stephen reportedly walked into the Greenwood Police Department and told authorities he tried to kill his daughter.

According to the original report, he told the officers he had taken his 6-month-old daughter to an icy pond and tried to drown her.

Chief Hallgrimson and another officer immediately went to the pond in the hopes they could save the little girl. When they arrived, she was still in the water.

The two officers pulled the little girl from the water, took off her wet clothes, then wrapped her up in the chief’s shirt. They immediately started performing lifesaving measures as they waited for paramedics to arrive.

By some miracle, the baby was saved. She was admitted to a local hospital with hypothermia and several other injuries, but she was alive.

Making Him Pay

When the Chief returned to headquarters, he allegedly grabbed Stephen by the throat and threw him on the ground.

He then allegedly started beating on the man.

Reports vary on what exactly happened next, but Stephen’s attorney stated the Police Chief was punching the man in his face repeatedly and had to be pulled off him.

Chief Hallgrimson was immediately placed on administrative leave pending an investigation after the incident and recently announced his resignation.

A GoFundMe page was recently started for Hallgrimson to help him pay for any legal fees he may have in the future regarding a possible civil or federal case against him.

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