Missouri high school faces criticism for an assignment that required students to equate Republicans with racists

Want proof that the Republican claim that Democrats are indoctrinating American children in the country’s schools is not a conspiracy? Here it is.

Fox News reports that a Missouri high school was just caught “teaching” its students that Republicans are racists. 

This really happened

The incident occurred at Holt High School in Missouri’s Wentzville School District. It was part of an assignment given to students in the school’s advanced placement government course.

Students were given this prompt: “Teresa has heard in the news about the fatal shootings of unarmed African American men by police officers, but does not think it is necessarily due to racism.” Following this prompt, the student is asked whether “Teresa is MOST likely a Democrat, Black woman, Republican, or Democrat-leaning woman.”

Guess what the “correct” answer was? If you said “Republican” you’re right.

So, connecting the dots, if you don’t think cops are shooting Black men because of “racism,” then you are a Republican. And, clearly, what is implied is that this is wrong: It is wrong to think that there may be some other reason that cops are shooting Black men, and it is wrong to be a Republican.

Parents respond

GOP State Rep. Nick Schroer posted a Facebook message in which he said that such a question “is not only ridiculous, but it has no place in our schools.”

Schroer further revealed that many of his constituents are not happy that this is taking place at their school.

Fox News quotes one parent as saying, “it felt like the question was written by somebody that just hates Republicans.”

The school’s response

A spokesperson for the school district put out this statement:

AP Government content includes learning and opportunities to think critically about political ideology. The resources used by the District are used widely nationwide and are aligned to the AP Government exam. The item encountered by the student is extreme and the District is reaching out to the resource developers to directly address this concern.

The school district also sent a letter to parents, stating, in part:

There are appropriate ways to teach and assess a variety of topics, including political ideology and beliefs. The question was poorly worded. It was inappropriate, extreme, and divisive. It is important to us that students feel safe and welcome in every class and space within our schools. We apologize if any of our students felt unsafe or unwelcome.

So, all good right? No. The fact of the matter is that this sort of thing is happening in schools throughout the country, and it needs to be stopped.

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