Missing Florida mother found dead in shallow grave

Cassie Carli, the Florida woman who recently disappeared during an apparent meeting with her ex-boyfriend, has been found dead.

Fox News reports that the 37-year-old Carli’s body was found on Saturday evening in a shallow grave located in Alabama. 

What we know so far

Carli disappeared on March 27 after meeting ex-boyfriend Marcus Spanevelo at a restaurant to pick up their four-year-old daughter. Apparently, this was part of an arrangement in which Spanevelo got to see his daughter from time to time.

Carli never returned to her home after leaving for this meetup with Spanevelo. After she was reported missing, authorities located her vehicle in the restaurant parking lot. But, it wasn’t until almost a week later, on April 2, that investigators located her body in a shallow grave in Springville, Alabama.

An autopsy has yet to be performed on Carli’s body. So, it is not yet known how she died.

Meet the prime suspect

Given that Spanevelo was likely the last person, or at least one of the last people, to see Carli alive, authorities tracked him down.

Investigators initially contacted Spanevelo in Birmingham, Alabama. But, at the time, they did not arrest him. Authorities did, however, place Spanevelo under arrest on Saturday morning in Tennessee.

According to Fox, Spanevelo has been charged with “tampering with evidence, destruction of evidence, and giving false information concerning a missing person investigation.” Authorities say that more charges could follow depending on the results of Carli’s autopsy, which is expected to take place on Monday.

Authorities also say that Spavevel has been “totally uncooperative” with their investigation of Carli’s disappearance and death.

The “Red flag” was raised

Carli’s younger sister, Raeann Carli, has released a video message in which she said that her family has always had a “red flag” on Spanevelo.

“Just in general, with her relationship with him, it has always been, she has had some fear of him,” Raeann Carli revealed. “He’s always controlling and tried to be manipulative, and she had some fear of him in the past, and what he’s capable of, or planning maliciously towards her.”

Raeann added that Carli “wanted to remind us, ‘[If] something happened to me, it’s him.'”

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