Tensions with Russia rise following US missile test off California coast

Russia recently attempted a missile test, and it failed.

Now, after the U.S. conducted a successful missile test, hitting a target more than 300 miles away, Russia is upset and calling out the Trump administration.

Treaty Violation

If the cold-war era Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty was still in effect, Russia stated the missile test conducted by the United States would have been illegal.

However, effective August 2, Trump pulled out of the agreement for several reasons.

First, he believes Russia was in violation of the treaty. Second, the agreement only covered Russia and the United States, something this administration would like to rectify.

The Trump administration would like to get another agreement in place to include China and possibly other nations.

Failed Test Backfires

Earlier this month, Forbes reported that Russia had tried to test a “mega-torpedo.” The report stated the missile being tested was roughly 30 times the size of a typical torpedo.

It was also believed to have been a nuclear weapon. The new missile is believed to be able to go to depths that cannot even be tracked, making it indefensible at this point.

After the United States conducted its own test, the Deputy Foreign Minister of Russia, Sergei Ryabkov, was less than pleased.

He stated, “The United States has obviously taken the course of escalating military tensions. We will not succumb to provocations.”

It is rather interesting how firing off a mega-torpedo is not looked at as an act of aggression, but a missile test by the United States barely 300 miles off its own coast is.

The claim by the Russian foreign minister is ludicrous, as Trump clearly has no intention of engaging Russia in hostilities.

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