New poll shows minority voters, heavily relied upon by Democrats, increasingly disapprove of Biden

It has become abundantly clear in recent election cycles that Democratic Party candidates rely heavily on receiving overwhelming support from minority voters in order to prevail electorally over Republicans, and President Joe Biden is certainly no exception to that general rule.

Biden has a worsening problem in that regard, though, as a recent poll showed that he has been abandoned by sizeable portions of the Black, Hispanic, and Asian voting blocs, the Washington Examiner reported.

The president’s dwindling approval and support among minority voters, unsurprisingly, appears to be due in large part to the current dismal economic situation and the perception that his presidency has placed the nation on the wrong track headed into the future.

A substantial drop in support among Black voters

This news comes from John Zogby and his Zogby Analytics polling firm, which specifically surveyed subsets of around 350 likely voters from each minority group as part of a broader Biden approval poll conducted between Aug. 4-6, with an admittedly wide margin of error of approximately 5.2-5.4 percent for those subsets.

For Black voters, Zogby found that Biden’s approval stood at 57.5 percent while his disapproval was at 32.3 percent, which doesn’t sound particularly bad until those numbers are compared to Zogby’s results in prior polls in January and May, when Biden’s approval and disapproval among Black voters was around 75 percent and 22 percent, respectively.

It was also revealed that only around 37 percent of Black voters think the nation is headed in the “right direction” while almost 53 percent say it is on the “wrong track.” Further, with regard to 2024, only 35.5 percent said that Biden should be the Democratic nominee.

Hispanic and Asian voters disapprove

For Hispanic voters, President Biden’s approval was registered at 49.4 percent and his disapproval was at 40 percent. A big part of that, again, was the fact that only 34 percent of Hispanics thought Biden had the country headed in the right direction compared to 55 percent who said America was on the wrong track.

As to the 2024 Democratic primary, Biden was the preferred choice to be the nominee of just 35.3 percent of Hispanic voters.

Then there are the Asian voters, who Zogby found to be essentially split in terms of approval and disapproval for Biden, 46.4-46.8 percent, respectively.

Similar to the other minority subsets, only about 34.4 percent of Asian voters thought the nation was headed in the right direction while 53.9 percent said the president had the nation on the wrong track. Even worse than the other groups, though, was the question of 2024, as Biden was the nominee choice for just 28.4 percent of Asian respondents.

The situation doesn’t look good for Biden

“It’s hard to see where this is a good scenario for Biden,” Zogby said of the results, according to the Examiner. “His support is lagging among a big part of his base. Does this mean he will not win reelection or he will bow out? It’s hard to say but these are not great numbers among one of the strongest groups that make up his base.”

“Historically, a president, whose party is in power, gives up control of the House and/or Senate during their first midterm election. Biden is out there telling his supporters this midterm election is for the ‘soul’ of the nation, but will this be enough to energize his base and supporters to quell the potential damage they might receive in November?” he added. “At the moment, his approval ratings and status in hypothetical primaries with minorities do not support this narrative. While voters might be in a fight for the soul of the nation, Biden is in the fight of his life for the support of his base.”

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