Minnesota Democrat accused of using campaign funds to pay for divorce

Yet another Democrat politician is caught opening up the coffers for personal expenditures.

This time, it is Minnesota congressional candidate Ilhan Omar, who is being accused of paying for her divorce with campaign funds.

Called Out

Apparently, Omar’s divorce attorney was double dipping by allegedly providing services to the campaign.

At least that is what Democrats want everyone to believe.

Attorney Carla Kjellberg reportedly received a payment of $2,250 from campaign funds.

This is the same attorney that handled Omar’s divorce in 2017.

When Republican State Rep. Steve Drazkowski filed an official complaint for campaign violations, both Omar and Kjellberg denied the allegations.

“That’s obviously false. I provided legal services for crisis management prior to that, and those funds were for reimbursements for costs on crisis management,” Kjellberg stated.


Rep. Drazkowski begs to differ, though.

He says there is a consistent pattern of Omar dipping into campaign coffers for private use.

The facts back him up, too.

Since May 2017, Omar has had to pay $2,250 (yes, that is the same amount paid to the attorney) in fines for violations.

The amount of the fines would make one question if the attorney was being paid for political services rendered, divorce services, or perhaps a way for Omar to repay herself for the fines already issued.

More Fraud

This scandal is not the only problem for Omar these days.

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Another report has surfaced that Omar allegedly married her brother to commit immigration fraud.

Omar’s team has since deflected the blame for these scandals on Donald Trump.

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