Top military adviser warns of possible threat after Chinese missile tests

The Chinese military sparked concerns around the globe earlier this year with its reported tests involving hypersonic weapons.

Now, a Biden administration official is speaking out about the potential security threats regarding that troubling mission.

Biden admin largely silent

Reports indicate that China conducted two separate tests, one in July and another in August. Both are said to have sent a rocket with nuclear capabilities around the earth and into, or near, its intended target.

As for the most recent test, reports at the time revealed that it completed a trip around the globe and increased its speed as it hurdled toward a target. The test was seen by many around the world as an imminent threat even though the device missed a direct impact by about two dozen miles, sources say.

U.S. intelligence officials appear to have been largely caught by surprise by the aggressive test by China’s military.

As a result, many sources within the Biden administration have been reluctant to address the subject at length.

That trend might be changing, as evidenced by the recent remarks by Vice-Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. John Hyten.

Missile test too close for comfort

In a recent CBS News interview, Hyten confirmed that China launched a long-range missile that circled the globe before dropping a hypersonic vehicle, with nuclear capability, that glided to and “impacted a target.”

Although it did not ultimately lead to a direct hit, Hyten said that it got “close enough” to warrant immediate attention.

He indicated that this type of military vehicle could represent a more serious threat than standard intercontinental ballistic missiles. Although both are hypersonic, he said, the glide-type models are more difficult to track because they follow a path much closer to the earth’s surface.

In the end, it appears that China appears to be developing a largely untraceable weapon that could launch a nuclear attack anywhere in the world.

The Heritage Foundation’s John Venable noted that, although the missile cannot be tracked, the launch itself likely could. Nevertheless, it is disconcerting that China is developing this threat in the first place, in the open, and apparently without the Biden administration doing much about it.

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