Leftist Vox editor Milhauser posts ‘prewritten obituary’ to fantasize about Justice Alito’s eventual death

There are some individuals on the ideological left who hold nothing but unmitigated hatred for the six Republican-appointed justices on the Supreme Court, and in some cases that hatred extends to openly fantasizing about their eventual deaths.

Such is the case of Vox senior editor Ian Milhauser, who tweeted and then deleted a “prewritten obituary” for conservative Justice Samuel Alito on Tuesday, Breitbart reported.

Milhauser has long been a savage critic of the high court’s conservative and originalist jurists, but his visceral hatred for them was kicked into overdrive this summer in response to the Supreme Court’s overturning of the Roe v. Wade precedent on abortion rights, like so many others on the left.

“Bizarre and deranged”

In the since-deleted tweet Tuesday morning, Milhauser wrote, “August is a slow month so I’m spending my morning updating some of my prewritten obituaries.”

Attached to that tweet was an apparent screenshot of what he had written with regard to Justice Alito’s eventual death, and it was quickly retweeted prior to deletion by Townhall’s Derek Hunter, who chastised the Vox editor as a “sick f—er” who was “trying to inspire someone to murder a Supreme Court justice.”

That was in turn shared by Townhall editor Rebecca Downs, who thanked her colleague for “highlighting Ian Millhiser’s truly bizarre and deranged tweet about Justice Alito’s future obituary …”

What did he actually say?

Unfortunately, given the fact that the tweet no longer exists, the initial screenshot from Milhauser can no longer be expanded to be read in full, though what can be seen in the now-permanently cropped image is sufficient to grasp the gist of what he had to say.

Liberal law professor Jonathan Turley, who has expressed great concern over the heightened leftist rage and threats of violence against the Supreme Court’s right-leaning justices, pieced it all together in a condemnatory article.

“Justice Samuel Alito, who died on XXXX, was not devoid of any positive traits,” Milhauser wrote. “He was a skilled attorney and a highly effective advocate for conservative causes … Had he spent his career as a litigator, he would almost certainly be remembered as one of the Republican Party’s leading Supreme Court practitioners … The problem is that Justice Alito was, indeed, one of the Republican Party’s leading Supreme Court advocates — but he embraced this role while he was a sitting justice.”

Like pouring gasoline on a raging fire

To be sure, Milhauser’s fantastical future obituary for Justice Alito didn’t include a clear or visible call for violence against the conservative jurist, but given the aforementioned rage-filled protests following the overturning of Roe — among other recent decisions the left doesn’t like — and the fact that a would-be assassin was arrested near Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s home in June, it doesn’t take much to rile up hateful leftist activists who are looking for any excuse to engage in political violence.

Of course, aside from being condemned on social media, Milhauser will face virtually no accountability for his fantasizing about the death of Alito, even if, God forbid, one of his followers attempts to turn that fantasy into a reality and provide the leftist editor with an opportunity to publish his prewritten obituary for real.

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