Mike Pence’s wife faces attacks from media after taking job at Christian school

Karen Pence, the wife of our vice president, has just come under attack by the media.

The second lady recently took a job at a private Christian school, and liberals are completely outraged by it.

The Problem

So, what are they whining about now?

Well, it would appear the school demands its teachers abide by traditional Christian values.

That being the case, the school does not allow openly gay teachers and does not admit openly gay students.

Additionally, the school prohibits any conduct deemed sexually immoral.

This should not be a shock to anyone familiar with the Christian faith.

The same can be said for any faith-related job.

Would they get upset about a Muslim or Jewish school putting religious restrictions on its staff?

Why the Outrage?

It seems this is nothing more than a hypocritical attack by the left.

They pretend they are for religious freedom, but we know they are not.

And let’s be clear: Mrs. Pence is not forcing her beliefs on anyone by taking this job.

And just because you don’t agree with someone else’s beliefs doesn’t mean they aren’t entitled to have them.

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Mike Pence came under fire during the 2016 election cycle because of his previous stance on homosexuality.

While he admitted that he does not approve of it, he is also adamant he will do everything in his power to protect the rights of those individuals because they are Americans.

And there’s no doubt his wife would do the same.

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