Mike Pence’s brother, Greg Pence, wins GOP primary for Indiana House seat

Democrats better hold on, because big change is coming!

While Indiana natives are familiar with the name Mike Pence, they are going to see another Pence on the ballot come election day… his brother Greg Pence.

All in the Family

Greg Pence has never held public office before.

In fact, his background is one that is all to familiar to Trump supporters.

He has made his name as a businessman, but suddenly felt the need to throw his name into the political ring.

You see, Mr. Pence is looking to snag the Governor’s chair that his brother vacated to become Vice President.

Much like Trump, Pence took on the brunt of funding his own campaign.

The Pence name clearly still holds a lot of weight in the state, because Greg won the primary barely breaking a sweat.

After getting the news of his primary win, Pence stated, “This victory is thanks to you, the many Hoosiers who have helped build this campaign from the ground up and voted for us.”

A Lot to Like

While the media is pointing to the family name for the win, there is a LOT to like about Greg Pence on his own.

Mr. Pence is a retired Marine, which will definitely help him with Trump supporters.

He has a long history or entrepreneurship and currently owns two antique malls.

Voters will be pleased to know the four issues at the top of his agenda are also very much on the plate for Donald Trump:

Veteran’s Affairs


[show_poll poll_id=1892]


Health Care Reform

With that agenda, it is a pretty safe assumption that President Trump will be stumping in Indiana very soon for Mr. Pence!

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