Report links Mike Pence staffer to bogus FBI investigation of Trump

A new set of text messages between two disgraced FBI employees — agent Peter Strzok and attorney Lisa Page — has shed new light on the bureau’s attempted “coup” on Donald Trump.

According to a new report, the FBI was hoping to use Josh Pitcock, Vice President Mike Pence’s first chief of staff, to spy on President Trump and his administration.

More Damaging Texts

The messages were released as part of a new set of conversations between Strzok and Page made public by the Senate.

The message that created the uproar shows the two were trying to recruit Pitcock’s wife.

The text read: “If Katie’s husband is there, he can see if there are any people we can develop for possible relationships.”

“Katie” is believed to be Katherine Seaman, who is Pitcock’s wife.

VP Pushes Back

The report had no sooner hit the internet when VP Pence pushed back on it.

Pence was furious the FBI has even been discussing using someone on his staff to spy on the President.

He said: “I was deeply offended to learn that two disgraced FBI agents considered infiltrating our transition team by sending a counterintelligence agent to one of my first intelligence briefings only 9 days after the election.”

Pitcock also spoke out and was just as harsh with the FBI, insisting that there was “no infiltration through me or my wife.”

“Any assertations or speculation to the contrary is unfounded, uninformed, and 100% false,” Pitcock added.

President Trump also weighed in while talking to Fox News’ Sean Hannity last week, calling the text messages signs of a “coup” that is “very disconcerting.”

These text messages are only going to further the desire by the White House to investigate the origins of the bogus Trump-Russia collusion investigation.

With every new piece of information that becomes available, it is even more clear that James Comey’s FBI was operating with an agenda unlike anything this county has ever seen before.

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