Mike Pence doubles down on border wall: Donald Trump ‘will not be deterred’

While there were more than few doubters over Mike Pence as President Donald Trump’s running mate, he is proving he was the ideal choice for the VP position.

Proving that point, Pence once again stood tall on immigration on Tuesday, writing in an op-ed in USA Today that he stands behind the president’s push for border security and that the Trump administration “will not be deterred” by Democrat tactics trying to derail border wall funding.

Striking Back

The first thing our vice president did in his editorial was call out Democrats for refusing to come to the table in what now is the longest shutdown in our country’s history.

Democrats have taken to calling this a humanitarian crisis as of late, and they are right.

Unfortunately, they are twisting the facts to suit their narrative.

It is a humanitarian crisis in that children are being dragged across horrific terrain without proper supplies and medical attention.

Unaccompanied children are also being snuck into the country by human traffickers.

But if we had better border security, it would deter these individuals from doing this, lessening the crisis itself.

President Barack Obama used these exact examples when he himself called the crisis at the border a humanitarian crisis years ago.

Protecting Migrants

The would-be illegal immigrants who are not tied to crime and only coming here for a better life are also victims in this debacle.

Sneaking people across the border is big business.

However, many of the women that put their lives in the hands of “coyotes” near the border are brutalized and raped.

In fact, Pence estimated that roughly one-third of the women trying to come to this country illegally are raped during their journey.

Protecting Our Agents

Of course, we also need to keep the safety and welfare of our border agents in mind.

With so much money at stake, these agents are often assaulted during these crossings.

Pence wrote that attacks against our border agents are at an all-time high.

If we are able to lock down our borders, much of this problem will go away.

In fact, if we remove the ability to come into the country illegally, these thugs are put out of business.

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If migrants know the only way to come into the country is to get in line and apply, they will no longer make these dangerous journeys and put their lives as well as the lives of their children at risk.

The bottom line is we need a border wall — and we need it now.

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