My Pillow’s Mike Lindell tapped to chair Trump’s Minnesota campaign

Over the last few years, President Donald Trump has forged a strong friendship with the founder and CEO of the company that makes the popular My Pillow products.

As evidence of that relationship, Trump has just appointed Mike Lindell to serve as chairman of his presidential campaign efforts in Minnesota, the entrepreneur announced in a tweet Thursday.

The “My Pillow” guy

Lindell has a rather colorful past, to say the least. Long before he became known for his famous pillow, he was plagued by a drug habit that he says almost claimed his life, according to CNBC.

In his memoir, Lindell stated that God was responsible for turning his life around and making him the man he is today.

He now owns My Pillow, which went from a company that made just the one eponymous product to one that makes almost anything consumers could imagine in terms of getting a more comfortable night’s sleep, including pillowcases, linens, mattress toppers, and even a line of pet products.

Even though he could make his products far more cheaply if he relocated his manufacturing operations, Lindell’s production facilities have always been located in his home state of Minnesota, and he says he has no intention of ever changing that.

As such, he is the perfect spokesperson for Trump in the state.

Standing firm

My Pillow has also advertised on the right-leaning network Fox News for years, and that is also something that is not likely to change.

Tucker Carlson’s recent commentary regarding the Black Lives Matter movement has caused numerous advertisers to pull their spots from his show, but Lindell has vowed to stay loyal.

Newsweek reports that My Pillow will continue to purchase ads and will not waver in the face of public pressure, with Lindell himself stating, “MyPillow is not changing its advertising. I make all my advertising decisions based on what is best for my customers and my employees.” He went on:

MyPillow believes all lives matter and values all our employees and customers, treating them like family.

Lindell has expressed interest in running for office at some point but for now, his political role will be limited to helping Trump win a longtime Democrat stronghold this November.

Trump only lost Minnesota by less than 2% in 2016, so with the right message in hand, Trump and Lindell together really could make the state part of a broader red wave in 2020.

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