Mike Lindell resumes running MyPillow ads on Fox News after falling out with network

Mike Lindell, the CEO of MyPillow, became a popular figure with many on the right, given his loyalty to former President Donald Trump and his unwavering determination to prove that something went terribly wrong in the 2020 election, which he believes ultimately cost Trump the White House.

Though Lindell had a falling out earlier this year with Fox News and subsequently pulled millions in advertising dollars from the company, it appears as if the relationship between the two has mended, to some degree, as Yahoo News reported that Lindell has once again ordered MyPillow ads to run on the network.

What happened?

It was in July that Lindell announced he would no longer be airing MyPillow ads on the right-leaning media network.

The shock announcement came after he revealed Fox News refused to air his 72-hour “cyber symposium” at which he claimed he would reveal terabytes worth of data proving that the 2020 election was conducted fraudulently.

Lindell’s decision to pull his ads made waves within the industry, as he was one of the premier advertisers during host Tucker Carlson’s show every night. While Fox News tried to downplay losing Lindell’s business, someone in accounting had to feel the sting, as Lindell reportedly spent over $50 million in advertising with the network in 2020 alone.

The king of premium pillows would later take aim at Fox during speeches and statements, and even went as far as hiring a private investigator to determine why Fox News was no longer inviting him on as a guest to speak about the 2020 election, among other topics.

Before returning his ads to Fox News, which reportedly resumed last Thursday, Lindell garnered a wide base of support through various conservative influencers on social media, who promoted promo codes to their large audiences to boost Lindell’s direct sales.

Rocky relationship

Though Lindell is once again running ads with Fox, he told Business Insider that some of his ads submitted in September had been rejected by the network as they promoted his own social media platform, FrankSpeech, on which various right-wing commentators chat about the 2020 election fraud and similar topics.

But Lindell said he figured out a viable workaround to promote both his website and his line of specialty bedding on Fox News.

“The ad I ran last night, it directs them to MyPillow.com selling patriotic products and Bible pillows, and then from there, I get them to Frank Speech,” Lindell said. “This is all about trying to get our country, trying to get awareness out.”

The successful salesman, who got his start by running late-night infomercials, appears to no longer be a fan of the hosts who make up the ranks at Fox News.

“I think all the hosts that are on Fox have turned their back on the country,” Lindell recently said.

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