MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell confirms likely bid to become Minnesota governor in 2022

A prominent supporter of President Donald Trump has announced that he is likely to seek elected office in the near future.

According to MyPillow CEO and frequent Fox News Channel advertiser Mike Lindell, a 2022 gubernatorial bid is probably in the cards in Minnesota, where his popular company is headquartered.

“Once we know Donald Trump is our president”

The news came this week in a local news report quoting Lindell as being “90 to 95 percent” sure that he will seek the governor’s mansion in two years.

He has reportedly been mulling over when to make an announcement for several months but has yet to offer a definitive statement.

According to the Star Tribune, Lindell linked his timing to the still-disputed presidential election, asserting that he will make an announcement “once we know Donald Trump is our president.”

As for pressure to make it official soon, he said he did not feel any “because people know” who he is.

While his political views have largely remained private, Lindell has been vocal in his ardent support of Trump. In the weeks since November’s race, he has been a consistent voice of opposition to the stated results, expressing his belief that the election was stolen from the president.

“Common sense and unity”

In December, he offered a clear opinion on the matter: “This fraud is real. It’s of epic proportions that this election was stolen.”

Thus far in the ongoing legal challenges launched by Trump and key allies across the nation, Lindell has donated more than $1 million from his own fortune in an effort to overturn Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s media-declared victory, the Tribune reported.

He has also reportedly worked closely with figures within Trump’s inner circle as they continue pursuing allegations of election-related fraud.

As governor, he said he “would bring common sense and unity” to his state, describing a desire to “run things like a business” while taking a “look at problems and solutions and what it’s going to manifest into.”

While it is unclear how much support he might find among Minnesota voters, Democratic Gov. Tim Walz is seen as potentially vulnerable due to his controversial approach to COVID-19 restrictions and civil unrest over the past year.

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