Mike Lee has discussed Supreme Court vacancy with Trump White House

If rumors are correct, Democrats and liberals are about to push the panic button over Trump’s next Supreme Court appointment.

Senator Mike Lee has reportedly been in contact with the White House over the Supreme Court vacancy left by Justice Kennedy’s retirement.

Appointment or Advice?

What is unclear at this point is if Lee was contacted about the actual appointment or just advice.

President Trump has reached out to several senators already, asking them for their lists of candidates.

However, it would seem like the contact with Lee is about something more.

Lee is also believed to be the only non-judge on Trump’s final list of candidates.

Trump is reportedly also considering Lee’s brother, Utah Supreme Court Justice Thomas Lee, as a candidate for the open Justice seat.

Of his brother, Senator Lee stated, “If he were chosen, it would to the great benefit of the country.”

Roe v. Wade

The 1973 Roe v. Wade decision on abortion is taking center stage in this nomination.

Several senators have already spoken up about refusing to approve any SCOTUS appointee that is adamant about overturning the decision.

Lee, as a conservative, is completely against the decision.

However, Trump said that as part of the interviewing process, he will not ask candidates about their opinion on the landmark decision.

For his part, Lee has not said if he would try to have the decision overturned or not.

Lee stated, “The court has honored and has honored not without good reason because of a desire to not have laws change from one day to another. But that doesn’t mean that a decision can’t be overruled.”

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While Trump has kept his decision fairly close to the vest, he has called Lee “an outstanding talent.”

The formal announcement for Trump’s nomination is expected to be announced on July 9.

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