Mike Johnson: 'You know deep down that this is wrong'

 May 8, 2024

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

The Democrats' lawfare against President Donald Trump has hit headwinds lately.

Their "classified documents" case is on indefinite hold after prosecutors admitted they corrupted the actual evidence in the case, New York's claim of business reporting misdemeanors is losing steam as witnesses testify and fail to document any illegality, Georgia's "organized crime" claims could fall flat if an appeals court rules that prosecutor Fani Willis should be booted for conflicts with a paramour she hired to work on the case.

Now House Speaker Mike Johnson is calling for all the charges in all of the cases to be killed.

He has labeled them a "coordinated political attack" that is being orchestrated in order to hurt Trump's 2024 campaign to return to the Oval Office.

According to a report from the Post Millennial, "In an address to reporters, Johnson emphasized that the cases against Trump extend beyond the individual and pose a threat to the people's faith in the American justice system. He pledged that Congress would take action in every way it can."

He said there's more than just President Trump at risk in the Democrats' lawfare.

"It's about the people's faith in our system of justice," he said.

He cited "partisan prosecutors" and a "double-standard" at the Department of Justice that is targeting Trump with charges that often are a stretch, but Biden bureaucrats ignore other problems, such as the violent pro-Palestinian riots that are "destroying" college campuses, the report said.

The report continued, "The speaker also pointed out numerous instances of biases that have been involved in Trump’s court cases, including a Democratic district attorney, Judge Juan Merchan —whose daughter is a Democrat consultant— and an assistant district attorney who was formerly an official at the DOJ and has received payments from the Democratic National Committee."

In some of the cases, the prosecutors actually campaigned on the promise to "get" Trump, only to create their charges later.

Johnson explained, 'It doesn't matter what political party you're in ... If you look at this objectively, you know deep down that this is wrong."

That double standard?

Trump is being charged with felonies for having documents from his presidency in his home after his term ended. But Joe Biden, who had kept classified documents to which he was not entitled for decades – some dating back his years as a senator – was given a free pass.

In fact, the official special counsel investigation of Biden found he should not be charged because of his "diminished' capacity, after it was documented Biden failed to remember key dates, issues and incidents.

Johnson said the Biden administration has turned out with a full agenda for "the weaponization of our justice system."

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