Mike Johnson is Christian, pro-Trump, and Left calls him 'raging homophobe'

October 26, 2023
World Net Daily

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Newly elected Speaker of the House Mike Johnson is a Christian, pro-Trump, pro-life social conservative who scores well on all Right-leaning Capitol Hill voting scorecards, which is one of the many reasons why he is being denounced by leftist groups – even as grassroots MAGA and conservative activists are celebrating Johnson's victory to become, as one put it, "the most conservative House speaker in decades."

Johnson, 51, a four-term congressman representing Louisiana's Fourth District, became the speaker Wednesday, receiving 220 votes and unanimous Republican support, after weeks of turmoil following conservative firebrand Matt Gaetz's bold move to force a vote to take down former Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

Former President Donald Trump took well-deserved credit for submarining a bid for speaker by more moderate Rep. Tom Emmer, R-Minn., whom he derided as “totally out-of-touch with Republican Voters” and a “Globalist RINO,” Politico reported Tuesday in a story headlined: "‘I killed him': How Trump torpedoed Tom Emmer’s speaker bid."

After Johnson won the speakership, Trump sent out a message on Truth Social: "MAGA MIKE JOHNSON!" and before that, "Congratulations to Rep. Mike Johnson. He will be a GREAT “SPEAKER.” MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!" Trump also "recruited" a Breitbart story calling him a "kingmaker" in the speakership battle.

McCain daughter smears Johnson as 'homophobe'

Johnson has a long list of conservative bona fides that have earned him respect from various sectors on the Right, while irking NeverTrumpers and Republican social liberals including Meghan McCain, who, after the vote, sent out an X post blasting Johnson as a "raging homophobe":

McCain might have chosen that particular Sexual Left smear term because Johnson, a former Alliance Defending Freedom attorney, stands firmly against homosexual "marriage" and allowing schools to indoctrinate children in LGBT propaganda without their parent's knowledge.

Meanwhile, in a radio interview with Christian conservative leader and Family Research Council President Tony Perkins, leading pro-life Congressman Chris Smith described Johnson Wednesday as "an absolutely class individual full of the love of Jesus and the love of God":

Perkins, a fellow Louisianan, called Johnson's win a "huge victory" in an email to FRC followers after the vote, and tweeted after Johnson's House victory: "Congratulations to the new Speaker of the House, @repmikejohnson! Mike has been a friend for a long time, and I believe God has answered our prayers with his election. Mike will be the America First Speaker we need and will lead with spiritual insight and political courage. Join me in giving thanks to God and covering our new Speaker in prayer."

Johnson received a perfect, 100% score on the Family Research Council Action congressional scorecard for votes regarded as important to social conservatives. Among those was a "Yes" vote to H.R. 5, the Parents Bill of Rights Act, which passed the House in March by a 213-208 vote. Here is FRC Action's description of that bill:

"The Parents Bill of Rights Act (H.R. 5), sponsored by Rep. Julia Letlow (R-LA), would safeguard parental rights such as the right of parents to review the curriculum of their child’s school and the books and other reading materials available in the student library, meet with their child’s teachers at least twice a year, review the budget of their child’s school, address the school board, and be given information about violent activity in their child’s school. The bill would also require elementary and secondary schools consisting of grades 5-8 to obtain parental consent before changing a child’s gender markers, pronouns, or preferred name on school forms or allowing a child to change their sex-based accommodations."

Votes like that one led the Human Rights Campaign, the nation's leading homosexual and transsexual activist group, to viciously condemn Johnson as "an election-denying extremist who is as anti-LGBTQ+ as they come":

The scorecards say it all

According to a Vote Smart profile, Johnson scored a perfect 100% as rated by these other advocacy groups: Campaign for Working Families (2019-2020; this group is headed up by social conservative leader and former presidential candidate Gary Bauer); National Right to Life Committee; and Susan B. Anthony List (a pro-life PAC).

Johnson scored a zero as rated by Planned Parenthood Action Fund (2021-2022) and NARAL Pro-Choice America (2020), two pro-abortion-on-demand organizations, according to Vote Smart.

The day before the decisive House speaker vote, self-described "Proud Army Brat" introduced her nearly 300,000 followers to Rep. Mike Johnson as follows:

  • Meet Rep Mike Johnson (James Michael Johnson) - his life & his political record:
  • He has consistently voted AGAINST Ukraine aid, except for the very first aid bill.
  • He’s pro-life.
  • He supported President Trumps 2017 executive order, prohibiting immigration from seven Muslim countries.
  • He solidly votes with his GOP colleagues. Very policy driven.
  • He’s experienced, having been a member of Congress for 7 years. This is his 4th term.
  • He fought for Trump, as a member of his legal defense team, during both of his impeachment hearings. He is a staunch Trump ally.
  • He’s a constitutional attorney, having received his degree from Louisiana State University.
  • He’s married with 4 children. His Christian faith is important to him; he often leads prayers on the Hill.
  • His mentor is Rep Jim Jordan. He voted for him for Speaker.
  • He voted AGAINST certifying Biden’s election.
  • He’s been actively involved [with] the investigations into Biden and wants to bring forth justice for his crimes.
  • He represents Louisiana’s 4th congressional district, which includes 760,000 residents.
  • He won his congressional seat [with] the largest margin of victory in his region, in more than 50 years. *
  • He’s better than [Rep.] Emmers, and at this point, the only electable one. What do you think?

Veteran pro-life activist Chuck Donovan, founder and president of the Lozier Institute, a pro-life research organization, described Johnson in a tweet Wednesday: "Mike is a policy-firster and a good person - not a political animal. He deserves a chance to show what he can do but whatever it is, it will be with character and discernment."

Kevin Roberts, president of the Heritage Foundation, the leading conservative policy organization in Washington, D.C., enthusiastically congratulated Johnson and called his ascension to speaker a "historic win for the conservative movement, and more importantly, a win for the American people."

"Heritage is ready to fight alongside you,” Roberts said, according to Daily Signal, a Heritage-affiliated news outlet.

Fought the deep state, defended Trump

In a Substack post title, "Mike Johnson may have been the answer all along," longtime Republican political activist and advisor Jim Pfaff noted: "Johnson defended Trump on impeachment and fought weaponization of Government." He pointed to two videos of Johnson in Congress, which can be watched HERE.

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