Mike Johnson gives Biden impeachment update: 'connecting the dots'

October 30, 2023
Matthew Boose

Newly elected Speaker of the House Mike Johnson (R-La.) has warned the White House that an impeachment of Joe Biden is still on the table.

In an interview with Fox News Sunday, Johnson pledged to follow the evidence wherever it leads.

Johnson impeachment update

Johnson's predecessor, Kevin McCarthy (R-Ca.), opened an impeachment inquiry into Biden that angered Democrats and some Republicans who said it didn't go far enough.

Pressed on his plans going forward, Johnson told Fox News' Maria Bartiromo that the investigation will continue.

"We'll see, Maria," Johnson said.

Johnson appeared to pump the brakes, saying Republicans are "the rule of law team" and should not pursue partisan impeachments like Democrats did with Donald Trump.

"We're the rule of law team," Johnson said.

"We don't use this for political partisan games like the Democrats have done and did against Donald Trump twice. We are going to follow the law and follow the Constitution, and I think we have a suspicion of where that may lead, but we're going to let the evidence speak for itself."

Pumping the brakes

Johnson, who is a trained lawyer, said a subpoena of Hunter Biden may be on the table, but the evidence gathered so far is damning. The "dots are being connected," Johnson said.

"And I think our suspicions about all this, the evidence that we've gathered so far, is affirming what many of us feared maybe the worst … As Jamie Comer likes to say, 'Bank records don't lie.' We already have a lot of this evidence. The dots are being connected, and we'll see where it leads."

House Republicans have uncovered bank records showing suspicious wire transfers from foreign sources to the Biden family, as well as incriminating texts and e-mails.

Despite a mountain of evidence, the White House has continually dismissed the impeachment inquiry as a baseless witch hunt.

In a previous interview with Sean Hannity, Johnson said it is "very likely" that Biden took bribes, but Republicans should not rush to judgment.

“I know people are getting anxious and they’re getting restless, and they just want somebody to be impeached, but we don’t do that like the other team."

Johnson's first priority is addressing federal spending and a potential government shutdown, as well as providing aid to Israel in its war with Hamas. He plans to push a stand-alone bill for Israel this week, despite Biden's attempts to link Israel and Ukraine together.

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