Mike Huckabee mocks CNN reporter who fabricated news stories

When Claas Relotius was revealed as a fraud, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee (R) did not miss the opportunity to take a shot at CNN.

Huckabee sent out a tweet on Thursday hammering CNN for previously bestowing the award of “Journalist of the Year” on the fraud reporter, writing in part: “Karma!”

Making Up Stories

Relotous was once a writer for Der Spiegel magazine.

For years, he was lauded by liberals as one of the most respectable and talented journalists in the world.

In fact, in 2014, CNN bestowed Relotius with its “prestigious” Journalist of the Year award.

It was all a fraud, though, as the tangled web Relotius had so skillfully protected for so many years came unraveled in recent weeks.

Another journalist, who has been working on a story with Relotius about a small town in Minnesota that supports President Trump, realized the so-called journalist was actually making up “facts” — and called him out on it.

According to the other reporter, Relotius had been making up interviews, people’s names, and just about everything other than the actual name of the town.

This was nothing more than an invented story meant to bring a negative light to the town and President Trump.

And that was the proverbial drop of water that broke the dam wide open.

Fake News

This is far from the first time CNN has been associated with generating fake news.

Some reports suggested that the attendees at presidential debate town halls in 2016 were actually coached to attack Trump.

There has also been a slew of stories using unnamed sources that have eventually fallen apart.

During any other time — under any other president — CNN would be out of business.

Sadly, that network is not alone in publishing stories based on questionable and uncorroborated facts.

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As Huckabee said in his tweet, karma can be a very fickle friend.

Sooner or later, she always comes back to set things straight.

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