Mike Huckabee misses interview with Judge Jeanine due to faulty internet connection

Believe it or not, celebrities have real-world problems too.

That became very apparent when Mike Huckabee had to cancel an appearance with Fox’s Judge Jeanine Pirro on Saturday because his cable was down.

The former Arkansas governor posted on Twitter:

Huckabee Was Right

In his tweet, Huckabee hinted that Judge Jeanine would surely kick butt even without him — and he was right.

Pirro laid into Democrats over their refusal to sit down with this president and negotiate a deal to end the shutdown. Take a look:

Making the Deal

As Pirro said on Saturday, Trump has put the mother of all issues for conservatives on the table to get this deal done: DACA.

He also agreed to several other compromises:

He agreed to no concrete wall but would instead agree to metal barriers and fencing.

He offered up almost a billion dollars for humanitarian assistance.

He suggested hiring an additional 2,750 border agents.

He offered close to a billion dollars for better drug detection equipment.

He offered to extend DACA protection for three years.

And he offered to appoint 75 new immigration judges to speed along the process.

But still, Democrats still won’t come to the table.

Politics Over People

Democrats have made it quite clear that a political line is far more important than the people of this country — or even their precious undocumented immigrants.

Part of the solution was to create outside offices where immigrants could request asylum.

That would be done so that children and innocent families would no longer become victims of so-called coyotes and human traffickers while making the treacherous journey to America.

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Still, this was not enough for Democrats.

In fact, they were critical of his concessions.

Amazingly, people are still criticizing Trump and putting all the blame on him for this shutdown.

He is asking for one thing: just come to the table and talk. But they can’t even do that.

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