Thousands of migrants have left the caravan and want asylum in Mexico

There is another story behind the Central American migrant caravan approaching our border, but you won’t hear much about it from the mainstream media.

Of the roughly 7,000 migrants believed to have joined the caravan, nearly 2,000 of them have fallen off and are now asking for asylum in Mexico or heading back home.

The Journey

Reality is finally starting to settle in for the members of this caravan.

President Donald Trump has been adamant they will not be allowed to cross into the United States.

After having been on the road for weeks, many of them are now realizing their journey has been for nothing.

Some are already trying to end their journey in Mexico.

Others are taking the offer to be given transportation back to their own country.

The Untold Story

The real story here, though, it what is happening in Mexico to these migrants.

Liberals and Mexican leadership have chastised the immigration policies of the Trump administration.

They have demanded Trump open the border to allow more people to come into the country without going through the normal checks.

However, the Mexican government has dropped the hammer on this caravan and is squeezing them in an effort to repel them.

The government could have supplied the migrants with water, but they didn’t.

Nor did the government help provide meals or sleeping accommodations to the members of the caravan.

Quite the opposite, actually.

What is happening is Mexican authorities are literally ripping migrants out of cars and sending them back.

Families are being separated while they are being processed in Mexican immigration offices.

While all this is happening, the mainstream media is showing pictures of the locals embracing and helping the migrants as though everything is fine.

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The truth is, the Mexican government does not want these migrants in their country, yet they expect the United States to throw out a welcome mat.

It really would be nice if for once, the mainstream media would tell the full and unedited truth… but we all know that will never happen in this political climate.

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