Migrants arriving at southern border credit Biden for inspiring journey

President Joe Biden has faced widespread criticism for his welcoming rhetoric and lax law enforcement in regard to the ongoing surge of illegal immigration along the U.S.-Mexico border.

Most recently, a reporter interviewed a number of newly arrived migrants and learned that many of them credited the U.S. president as a primary reason that they decided to head toward America.

“A lot of sneezing and coughing”

Julio Rosas spent several days in Texas to document the stream of migrants arriving at the border seeking entry or sneaking across before surrendering to U.S. Border Patrol agents to be processed.

In addition to writing about his experiences for a Townhall article, Rosas also posted a lengthy Twitter thread that spanned Sunday to Tuesday with a conclusion posted on Thursday.

His tweets included several videos showing large groups of migrants either seeking out agents or patiently waiting to be discovered. They generally seemed confident that they would be processed and released into America instead of deported back to their countries of origin.

In his article, Rosas reported that roughly 400 migrants showed up at a gate in the border wall on Tuesday after it had been opened by agents. They then entered and were processed in an orderly fashion by agents.

“Now waiting to be processed”

Rosas went on to note that some of the migrants referenced Biden’s actions and rhetoric as their inspiration to embark on the dangerous journey through Mexico to the U.S. border.

“Yes, he gave us more security and I think that he is more flexible with people since many of us have low resources,” one woman traveling with her son told the journalist. “And we come out with hope, mainly faith, we put it in God, and of course, with the word that somebody in the government is there, and has flexibility, and that still gives us more hope to want to mobilize and travel across all that.”

The migrant also discussed dangers she faced on the journey, noting that she survived an assault in which one individual was abducted and another was shot.

Rosas spoke to a teenager traveling with her younger brother who shared a common perception that entry into the U.S. had been “authorized” by the Biden administration. As much as the White House attempts to deny it, migrants seem convinced that the current president has effectively opened the nation’s borders.

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