Texas rancher finds five young migrant girls abandoned on border property

Kamala Harris was assigned to be the point person on immigration in the Biden administration, but she has yet to visit the southern border, hold a national press conference, or even make any meaningful statements on the worsening surge of migrants seeking entry into the United States.

The vice president’s absence on the border issue is drawing fresh scrutiny following a recent incident in which five young migrant girls were discovered after they had been abandoned, presumably by a smuggler, on a Texas rancher’s property near the Rio Grande River.

“If this doesn’t make you mad …”

The five unaccompanied migrant girls, who range in age from 7 to just 11 months, were found early Sunday morning by property owner Jimmy Hobbs, who quickly alerted his wife and some Spanish-speaking employees to help the abandoned children, local San Antonio CBS affiliate KENS5 reported.

A video of the children taken by the rancher’s wife Katie Hobbs went viral on social media and sparked outrage at how little is being done by the Biden administration to address the situation.

“No mother, no father, no nothing,” Hobbs said in the video, which showed four of the girls sitting on a blanket and the fifth being held by one of the workers’ wives. “No one with these children dumped out on the side of the river here on our farm. If this doesn’t make you mad and want to take to the streets, I don’t know what will.”

The girls were eventually turned over to the custody of the U.S. Border Patrol, who later revealed that three of the girls came from Honduras while the other two were from Guatemala. The children were deemed to be in generally good health and were taken to a holding facility before they will eventually be handed over to Health and Human Services.

“Trump administration had it under control”

“Those poor little kids — they don’t know what’s going on,” Jimmy Ray Hobbs told Fox News on Tuesday. “They were dumped … left to whatever. I guess they felt like somebody would eventually find them. Luckily we did.”

Hobbs further revealed that he has lived in the same area for most of his 70-plus years and has never seen a migration surge at the border of this magnitude.

“We need to go back — at least the Trump administration had it under control here,” he added. “And it’s just getting worse now, because they know they can come and stay, so they’re just going to keep coming. There’s no end to it now.”

As for Harris, aside from a few phone calls with Central American leaders and tentative plans to visit Guatemala and Mexico — but not the border — in June, the vice president has been nowhere to be found on the issue of the border surge and mass migration.

Harris’ defenders have sought to distance her from the border situation altogether, insisting that she was only tasked with digging into the “root causes” of migration northward from Central America and not the actual impact of that migration when it reaches the nation’s southern border.

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