Venezuelan migrant arrested and charged with murder of Honduran woman day after arrival in U.S.

June 7, 2023
Ben Marquis

Though President Joe Biden, his administration, and his supporters are loathing to admit it, Biden's lax border security and immigration policies have resulted in crime and death within the United States by migrants who have been caught at the border but released into the interior after processing.

The latest example comes out of El Paso, Texas, where a Venezuelan man has been arrested and charged with the robbery and murder of a Honduran woman in a motel room, Breitbart reported.

Those two migrants are reported to have both been processed by border officials on the same day and then placed together into the same motel room in downtown El Paso along with other newly arrived migrants.

Alleged murder occurred one day after arrival in U.S.

Local NBC affiliate KTSM reported that Eddy Jose Ortega Alvarado, 34, of Venezuela, has been arrested and charged with capital murder in relation to the death of Carmen Unilda Navas Zuniga, 40, of Honduras.

Both migrants are reported to have crossed the border on the same day and been processed by Border Patrol agents on May 20 before being subsequently released and placed together, along with others, in the same room at Budget Lodge Motel in El Paso.

The very next day, May 21, Zuniga was found to be "unresponsive" by motel employees and, following a requested welfare check by police and fire personnel, was declared dead at the scene.

Detectives and forensic investigators were then called to the scene to start a preliminary investigation of that death but police have declined to release any further information about exactly what caused Zuniga's death, citing the ongoing probe into the matter and the need to protect the "integrity of the case" ahead of a future prosecution.

Suspect tracked down and arrested in Forth Worth

Local affiliate KFOX reported that El Paso Police spokesman Javier Sambrano said, "Investigators did classify the death as suspicious. As the investigation continued there was evidence found that indicated that foul play could be involved."

"What investigators knew from the beginning was that a group had checked into the room where the woman was found. Investigators have been working to identify who was part of that group," the spokesman continued.

The outlet noted that a family from Mexico had also been in that same group and had since traveled on to the East Coast, but they were ruled out as suspects in the death of the Honduran woman.

Alvarado, however, was soon named as a "person of interest" and was then tracked to the Dallas-Fort Worth area, where investigators interviewed him and determined that they had probable cause to believe that he killed Zuniga and stole her money.

Suspect detained and awaiting extradition

According to the El Paso Times, Alvarado was then taken into custody on June 2 with assistance from the Fort Worth Police and is currently being held on a $2.5 million bond in the Tarrant County jail while awaiting extradition back to El Paso.

Interestingly enough, the outlet noted that the same motel where the alleged murder occurred, the Budget Lodge Motel, had previously been utilized as a "stash house" for illegal migrants and, in fact, Border Patrol agents had raided the motel and taken 43 migrants into custody in April.

A Border Patrol spokesperson told KTSM that newly arrived migrants are screened for any criminal history and will not be released if they have an active warrant, and that Alvarado had come up clean with no criminal history. However, "There are some bad apples that do not have a criminal history," the spokesperson acknowledged.

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