Mideast journalist warns: Arabs' are 'their own worst enemies'

August 1, 2023
World Net Daily

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

A journalist in Kuwait is warning his own group of people, Arabs, that they are "their own worst enemies."

According to a report from the Middle East Media Research Institute, he explained this is because while Jews "focus on education and the acquisition of knowledge," Arabs there "are replete with hostility for Jews and present them as enemies of Islam and the Muslims who must be eliminated."

The report cited the column by Kuwaiti journalist Ahmad Al-Sarraf, published in the daily Al-Qabas, and his "harsh" criticism of teaching materials in his nation's schools.

"He decried the fact that the curricula focus on cursing the other instead of teaching critical thinking and promoting values of tolerance and freedom," the report said.

The columnist wrote, "Reading some passages in one of the textbooks taught in our schools… I was reminded of the saying 'we showered [our enemies] with curses and they showered us with blows!' These passages show clearly that whoever writes [the Kuwaiti] curricula is completely out of touch with reality, or lives in an idealized world and is full of unlikely ambitions."

He said reading excerpts randomly, he found, "according to the educators who wrote it, the nation's major concern, which should be focused on, is hostility towards the Jews and the desire to eliminate them."

He continued, "But this is in fact rather embarrassing, for there are 400 million Arabs and a billion Muslims, and it is inconceivable that all of them should focus their energy and aspirations… on eliminating a state of six or seven million people."

He cited the "problem," as well as the resolution, that "the subject of critical thinking" should be taught.

Then, he said, "The students would have understood on their own how foolish this text is… In our present state of weakness, division, and backwardness – medical, social, moral, industrial, and financial -- our entire [Muslim] nation [together] would not be able to eliminate the state of Israel."

Further, "We have forgotten that [we Arabs] plot against one another more than they [the Jews] plot against us. Our preoccupation with internal disputes is the greatest factor that strengthens them and weakens us, especially given that [our] curricula do not even address the issue of putting a stop to our disputes, accepting one another, and ending our internal division and rifts… Without liberalism and freedoms, we have no hope!"

He added, "Our curricula focus on the narrative that the Jews are violators of treaties, which automatically implies that we are not. [But] that too is a lie that half our clever schoolboys and schoolgirls will find difficult to buy. The curricula also say that one of the Muslims' greatest duties is to defend Islam by observing its laws and boycotting the products of the enemy. That is the greatest irony and foolishness of all, as even a mediocre mind will realize. In short, we are our enemies, far more than anyone else is our enemy…"

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