Middle East Faction Announces Return to Terrorism Against Israel

A faction of militants based in the Middle East has announced they are returning to terrorism.

And the Fatah movement, of Palestinian Authority chief Mahmoud Abbas, did that by claiming responsibility for recent “jihad” activities.

The Palestinian Media Watch said in its report on the resumption of violence, “Last night two Palestinian terrorists, one a member of Western-funded Palestinian Security Services, shot and killed an Israeli officer, and then they themselves were shot and killed.”

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The report explained the “official media” from the PA, as well as Fatah, “have responded with support for the attack that killed the Israeli officer.”

“The Fatah leadership announces that it has returned to the phase of the armed struggle,” the report quoted the organization as saying in a statement.

“Struggle,” PMW explained is Fatah’s euphemism for terror.

“Further, the statement said, in a video on its Facebook page, “The Al-Aqsa-Palestine [Martyrs’] Brigades is officially announcing its operations (i.e., terror attacks),” and “The Fatah Movement takes responsibility for the operations of its military arm [the Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades].”

PMW explained, “The Al-Aqsa-Martyrs’ Brigades is an internationally designated terror organization. For years the United States, Europe, and other funders of the PA have tried to differentiate between Fatah which is headed by PA leader Mahmoud Abbas and its terror branch the Brigades. Palestinian Media Watch has argued all along that this differentiation is false and artificial. Now Fatah has officially confirmed that they are one organization, and Fatah is taking credit and responsibility for its murderous terror attacks.”

The report continued, “The third part of Fatah’s announcement is also significant. For years PMW has been reporting that Fatah regularly declares that the pause in ‘armed struggle’ – its euphemism for terror – against Israel is temporary and that the phase of the ‘armed struggle’ will return. Now Fatah has officially announced that it has returned to terror.”

PMW explained, “The implications of this announcement on international funding and support for the PA/Fatah support should be significant. This may explain why shortly after posting the video Fatah removed it from its Facebook page. However, PMW had already copied the post and downloaded the video and will be releasing the full subtitled video…”

It explained, “The United States and many Western countries fund the Palestinian Authority’s security services to fight terror against Israel. PMW has reported numerous examples of members of the PA security services’ involvement in terror. This time official PA TV and other sources are acknowledging and even praising the involvement of the Palestinian police in terror.”

Israel National News said the announcement about the terror campaign being resumed was from “the joint room for the nightly disruptions unit in Ramallah and Al-Bireh.”

The report noted the terror activities recently included burning agricultural fields near Beit El.

That announcement said, “This is jihad, with Allah’s help, this will be a victory or a fall of a martyr on his way to Allah.”

INN said, “Ismat Mansour, an expert in the Israeli field, estimates that the nightly disruptions will lead to an escalation of the conflicts in all of Judea and Samaria, which according to him is the most dangerous arena from Israel’s perspective.”

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