Middle East envoy Jason Greenblatt resigns from Trump administration

The Trump administration lost one of its best assets this week.

Jason Greenblatt, the Middle East envoy, announced he will be leaving the administration to pursue opportunities in the private sector.

Trump Ally

Greenblatt’s primary duty was to help broker a peace treaty between Israel and Palestine.

While peace obviously has not been attained on his watch, there is little doubt that progress has been made on this front.

This will be a loss for the administration, but according to reports, one of the reasons Greenblatt is leaving is because his work — for the most part — has been completed.

A deal has been structured; now, it is just a matter of getting both sides to hash out the finer points and put their signatures on the agreement. That, of course, is much easier said than done.

Most pundits believe the deal that has been created will strengthen the ties between the United States and Israel, something that will not sit well with the Palestinians.

Moving Forward

Still, by all signs, the departure of Greenblatt was on very good terms. He received Trump’s blessing on his departure by a series of very flattering tweets.

With Greenblatt’s departure, the administration will obviously need to fill this position as soon as possible.

And according to a Fox News report, the role will actually be filled by two individuals moving forward.

Avi Berkowitz, who is currently the aide to Jared Kushner, and Brian Hook, who is currently working for the State Department as the Special Representative for Iran, will immediately take over Greenblatt’s duties.

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