Rolling Stones legend Mick Jagger has medical emergency

Rolling Stones rocker Mick Jagger may finally have to slow down his legendary music career after experiencing a terrifying health event recently.

According to recent reports, Jagger underwent a heart procedure earlier this year in an effort to prevent the 75-year-old rocker from having a heart attack on stage.

Still Going Strong but…

Mick Jagger is a legend, there is no denying that. As the front man for the Rolling Stones, he has helped put the group atop the list of all-time greats.

Much of that has to do with Jagger’s antics when he gets on stage.

If you have never seen a Rolling Stones show, even now and even if you don’t like their music, Jagger alone makes it worth the price of admission.

However, since he is getting up there in years, there have been some recent concerns about his well-being.

Preventing a Heart Attack

The Rolling Stones were so concerned about Jagger’s health, they actually cut some dates from the tour to allow him to undergo a heart procedure.

Jagger has apparently recovered very well. The 75-year-old recently posted a dance video of himself on social media that showed he has not yet lost a step.

While Jaggar does appear to be fine, the group is now putting extra precautions in place just in case something does happen during a show.

An online report stated Jaggar now wears a heart monitor during the show that is constantly watched by doctors. There is also always a defibrillator close by. Another source stated, “They have emergency routes planned from every hotel and venue to the closest hospitals.”

Meanwhile, the walking Angel of Death, Keith Richards, continues to go about his business after years of alcohol and drug abuse as though he were just starting out in the business.

The lifestyles of the two men could not be more different, yet Jagger is the one the Stones are worried about dying on stage!

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