Michigan Supreme Court Orders Judges To Use People's Preferred Pronouns

September 28, 2023
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Michigan's Supreme Court decided on September 26 that all judges in the state would have to address all people in the courtroom by whatever pronoun they prefer, regardless of how ridiculous it is.

They of course worded it in a way that made people who think there are only two genders look like bigots, saying that using whatever ridiculous pronouns people prefer is simply using "respectful means."

"We serve the entire public and are required to treat those who come before us with civility and respect," Justice Elizabeth Welch said. "The gender identity of a member of the public is a part of their individual identity, regardless of whether others agree or approve."

The statewide rule was approved by a decision of five to two.

What words will be used?

Whatever the people in the courtroom want, apparently.

Transgender, nonbinary, or gender-fluid people sometimes use "they, them and their as a gender-neutral singular personal pronoun."

Not only is that not gramatically correct, it is normalizing mental illness.

If you looked at a piece of paper that said 2 + 2 on it, and anybody told you that the answer was anything other than 4, you would know that they were a complete lunatic.

We should apply the same logic to genders. If you look down your shorts and see a penis and dangling balls, and STILL try to tell people that you're a woman, that's a mental illness.

Lying to these people is not helping them.

People who don't understand that being born with a vagina makes you a woman aren't being brave, they are being ridiculous.

Telling them that "they're truth" is the right way way to go because you don't think they're hurting anyone is only setting them up for failure.

We're simply confusing them by telling them that it is okay to ignore anatomy, and they then pass those disgusting views down to the next generation.

This is an important matter for conservatives, because losing the gay marriage fight a few years ago really opened the floodgates.

With each inch we give them, they want a mile.

A decade or so ago they promised us that they would stop after we granted them same sex marriage.

They didn't.

They started taking it further.

Save our children, and fix this NOW.

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