Michigan Republicans move to impeach Gov. Gretchen Whitmer

Republicans in Michigan’s House of Representatives introduced a resolution Wednesday to impeach the state’s Democrat governor, Gretchen Whitmer.

“Today I introduced Articles of Impeachment against Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer,” Rep. Beau LaFave, one of three Republicans who signed onto the legislation, announced on Wednesday, according to Fox News.

The resolution was created as a result of what many have described as draconian restrictions put in place by Whitmer in an attempt to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

LaFave and other state House Republicans said that Whitmer is guilty of “corrupt conduct in office and crimes and misdemeanors,” according to Fox.

Whitmer faces pushback

Whitmer has indeed been notorious for her willingness to overstep her bounds as governor to enforce restrictions related to COVID-19 that border on the absurd.

Back in October, the Michigan Supreme Court even had to step in to strike down Whitmer’s “emergency” orders. In its ruling, the court said its decision “leaves open many avenues for our governor and Legislature to work together in a cooperative spirit and constitutional manner to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic,” according to the Detroit Free Press.

But that isn’t exactly what’s happened. Now, Republicans in the Michigan state House hope to rally enough of their colleagues to impeach the Democratic governor.

“It’s unfortunate”

It remains to be seen, however, if that’s a feat they can actually accomplish.

Michigan House Speaker Lee Chatfield (R) has kept his distance from the idea. “We’re not the party that impeaches someone because we’re upset with policies that they’ve enacted,” he said, according to Fox.

Notably, Chatfield has complained about the governor’s lack of cooperation with the state legislature in recent days.

“The Supreme Court just demanded that the governor work with us on a plan. She’s still not doing that,” he said this week, according to WWMT in west Michigan. “And I think it’s unfortunate, because the governor is underestimating what can be accomplished if we work together.”

Perhaps LaFave and his colleagues can get Chatfield on board eventually, but in the meantime, Whitmer gets to just sit back while her constituents suffer. Many are likely wondering how the Democrat has kept her job even this long.

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