Michigan councilman charged with felony assault

A Michigan politician is about to have his career cut short.

Jackson City Council member Andrew Frounfelker is facing a felony assault charge for attacking a woman with whom he apparently lives with for allegedly breaking several of her bones.

The Assault

On May 23, Frounfelker was arrested by local police for allegedly assaulting his roommate, leaving her with several facial fractures.

Police arrived at the scene around 10:00am local time to take him into custody, finding him disheveled.

Frounfelker has denied the allegations made against him.

His attorney, on the day he was taken into custody, said he would plead not guilty to the charges.

Apparently, this is not the first time violence has erupted between these two.

According to reports, police were called prior about domestic violence, only Frounfelker was the alleged victim of the assault.

Political Future

Frounfelker’s arrest leaves a huge void in the local political scene.

He is currently the longest sitting member of the council.

Having just been re-elected in 2017, Frounfelker was expected to remain in his role until at least 2021.

He is also faced with a bit of dilemma.

Frounfelker has been very vocal in the past about politicians accused of such allegations to step down for the greater good.

Now that he is faced with this decision, citizens and his fellow council members are expecting him to follow the standard he set.

The local mayor, via Twitter, stated that he had been in contact with the councilman.

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Mayor Dobies stated, “Andy informed me he will be making some professional decisions in the coming days.”

“While Andy has worked to move our city forward and build positive momentum downtown while on city Council, he informed me he does not want this to be a distraction to that continued success,” the mayor added.

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