Michigan congressional candidate arrested at protest

Two big time Democrats found themselves in the back of a paddy wagon this week.

Congressional candidate Rashida Tlaib and former gubernatorial candidate Abdul El-Sayed were both arrested during a rally in Detroit on Tuesday.

Hiking Minimum Wage

Both politicos were out demonstrating with their constituents in favor of a minimum wage hike to $15.

The major target with these protests seems to be the fast food industry.

What they are ignoring, however, is that these businesses are not set up to absorb such high labor costs.

Most of their workforce is modeled to be students, not employees trying to support a family.

While these types of restaurants have career employees, this type of job is meant to be more of a starter job for kids.

The entire business model goes right out the window if you double labor costs.

Numbers Don’t Lie

Additionally, restaurants like these work on tight margins.

If everything is running perfectly, a restaurant will generally max out at about 7 or 8 percent profit.

Meanwhile, these restaurants generally run a 6 to 7 percent labor cost.

By raising the minimum wage to $15, labor costs would be in essence doubled, eating up a minimum of 75 percent of the potential profits for these business owners.

There are several possibilities here, all of which result in a similar outcome.

The first? Raise prices to offset the higher labor costs and the business loses significant customers. When that happens, people are laid off.

Option two: the business owner tries to absorb the additional costs and ends up taking a profitable business and turning it into a loser, eventually having to close. This, of course, means everyone loses their job.

And option three? The business owner decides to automate the operation, something we have already seen, which results in layoffs and people losing their jobs.

The fight here should not be to raise the minimum wage by a ridiculous amount, but rather, to encourage these individuals to get training and an education to get better jobs that pay more and provide workers with more security.

That does not fit the Democrat narrative, however.

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People like Tlaib and El-Sayed would rather paint business owners in a negative light and offer their constituents something for nothing.

That is the narrative that was pitched during the 2016 election, and it is something we can expect to be pitched throughout the 2018 and 2020 election cycles.

That’s why it’s so important for conservatives to get out and vote this November. Lives — and jobs — are depending on it.

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