Michelle Obama’s brother and sister-in-law’s kids booted from prestigious private school

Earlier this month, former first lady Michelle Obama’s brother and sister-in-law made headlines after filing complaints and taking legal action over “racism” with regard to their sons’ swanky, private school.

According to Fox News, in the wake of Craig and Kelly Robinson filing multiple “racism” complaints against the University School of Milwaukee, their sons have been formally kicked out of the institution. 

“They retaliated against two young boys,” the couple insisted, accusing the prestigious school of kicking the boys out as a form of payback over their history of making complaints.

The couple were apparently mad at the school and staff for using the word “plantation” in a history lesson, among other asinine complaints.

What brought this on?

Craig Robinson explained their side of the story earlier this month during an interview with Good Morning America.

“This all started, as a lot of parents, when we heard what was going on in the classroom because of COVID,” he said.

He added: “There was repeated use of racial and ethnic stereotypes that were in actual assignments. The use of the word ‘plantation’ and things of that nature.”

He went on to say: “In addition to the racial and ethnic stereotypes there was an insensitivity to socioeconomic status, as well as a disregard for the children who weren’t physically in the classroom.”

The lawsuit

In the legal action taken against the school, the Robinsons cited “monetary harm,” and “harm arising from the loss in continuity in education,” with regard to their sons being kicked out, as well as “reputational harm.”

They also accused the school of “breach of contract.”

Truthfully, as scary as it probably was for school administrators to make the move to boot their sons, it’s probably for the better, as the Robinsons appear to be more trouble than what they’re worth.

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