Michelle Obama takes veiled shot at Trump

The Obamas have been very crafty in how they criticize Donald Trump — and Michelle Obama’s latest attack was no exception.

Almost immediately after President Trump slammed Rep. Elijah Cummings and Baltimore, Michelle Obama jumped into the fray by sharing a video of a STEP team from Baltimore in a clear swipe at Trump, The Hill reports.

They Go Low, We Go High

Michelle Obama and Democrats have often referred to Donald Trump as a bully. So, when that specific subject comes up, we know it is Trump she is more than likely referring to.

In the video, Michelle Obama is watching a group of young ladies from Baltimore do a routine.

During the routine, the girls used the infamous, “when they go low, we go high” line before doing their dance routine.

Trump the Bully

Michelle, like many Democrats, is afraid of the truth.

When someone like Trump, who does not worry about being politically correct, unveils a truth on someone she supports, Trump gets accused of being a bully.

Democrats don’t seem to mind people being in office for decades and not doing anything for their constituents, which is what Donald Trump was calling out Cummings over.

The revelations made by Trump were not news. These are things of which most people in the United States were already aware.

Back in 2015, Bernie Sanders toured Baltimore and compared it to a “third world country.”

Last year, the Democrat mayor of the city was caught on video discussing the rat problem as well as the massive problem with abandoned houses.

When they said these things, nobody raised an eyebrow. Trump said it, then all of a sudden, those same words are considered racist. What gives?

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