Michelle Obama is vacationing in Spain while her husband prepares McCain funeral remarks

One of Senator John McCain’s dying wishes was to have former President Obama present the eulogy at his funeral.

While the former president will be there, the former first lady may not be, as Michelle is vacationing in Spain.


As most of the country is in mourning, Michelle Obama is off having a grand old time. Her husband, former President Barack Obama, has been asked to speak at Senator McCain’s funeral.

Michelle, however, was not going to let any of that get in the way of her vacation.

So, rather than stay home and get ready for the funeral, she flew to Spain on Tuesday, no doubt complete with Secret Service protection.

Whether she will return in time for Saturday’s memorial is unclear. According to reports, she was not scheduled to return until next week. But an Obama spokesperson told Newsweek that she was planning to attend.

McCain Services

The schedule of services for McCain started on Wednesday, where he was to lie in State at the Arizona Capitol.

On Thursday, a memorial service is to be held at North Phoenix Baptist Church.

On Friday, McCain will lie in State at the U.S. Capitol, where a ceremony to celebrate his life will take place.

On Saturday, there will be a national memorial held at the Washington National Cathedral, at which former presidents Obama and Bush are expected to speak.

He will be laid to rest on Sunday at the Naval Academy Cemetery after a private memorial service is held at the U.S. Naval Academy Chapel.

McCain is expected to be laid to rest next to classmate and lifelong friend, Admiral Chuck Larson.

The Trump Factor

Out of respect, President Trump is not expected to attend the services. Vice President Mike Pence is expected to attend in his place.

The President does not want become the headline for services that should be focused on McCain.

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If he were to attend, the media would no doubt twist the story seven ways to Sunday, something the President does not want to see happen.

There will, however, be a significant presence of current Trump administration officials attending and possibly offering comments at the service in Washington, D.C.

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