In apparent jab at Trump, Michelle Obama says ‘people can smell inauthenticity’

It seems like every time former First Lady Michelle Obama takes the mic these days, she is taking a shot at President Donald Trump.

Most recently, Mrs. Obama appeared with Jimmy Fallon on his late-night NBC talk show where she hinted that Trump is not being authentic.

“I think people can smell inauthenticity,” she said. “You know? And if you’re not comfortable in your own skin, that comes across.”

Obama was answering a question about herself, but it was pretty clear who she was really talking about.

Light Night TV Attacks Continue

After hours TV used to be fun to watch.

The likes of Johnny Carson, David Letterman, and Jay Leno often talked politics, but most of their jabs were just for fun.

They were also equal opportunity attackers — not just concentrating on one party or one person.

These days, however, there is only one party and one person, in particular, they are interested in going after: Republicans and Donald Trump.

Hosts like Jimmy Kimmel and Stephen Colbert make it a point to attack conservatives every chance they get.

And guests like Michelle Obama don’t help matters.

Hidden Meaning

Fallon had asked Mrs. Obama about her skills connecting with the public when she hinted that Donald Trump is not being authentic.

“Politicians aren’t always ‘people’ people,” Obama said. “And you have to really enjoy people, because folks will — they will sense that.”

She went on: “So for me, I am Michelle Obama behind the scene in the blue room, when we’re acting up, when I’m in the White House as first lady, when I’m here. I’m always the same person. And it’s easy to keep up with that. I don’t have to make up a story of who people think I should be and in that way, it allows me to be comfortable and enjoy every minute of my time with the people that I meet.”

Read between the lines, and she is calling Donald Trump a fraud.

The Real Fraud

Oddly enough, there could be a very good case made against her husband that he was constantly inauthentic.

Former President Obama flipped on so many platform issues it would make you dizzy trying to keep up.

Look no further than his original stance on immigration, which totally flip-flopped after he became president, for evidence of this.

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Meanwhile, Trump has maintained his platform since he was a young adult.

Perhaps Mrs. Obama should take a look in the mirror before taking jabs at the commander in chief.

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