Michelle Obama announces release of journal to accompany best-selling memoir

Being the former first lady is apparently a highly profitable venture.

Former First Lady Michelle Obama recently made the big announcement that she is releasing a journal intended to accompany her highly popular memoir, ABC News reports. That memoir, titled Becoming, was released last November and achieved record-breaking sales.

Journal’s Purpose

The journal brings with it an interesting sales pitch. The product is “designed to help readers reflect on their personal and family history, their goals, challenges, and dreams.”

In the journal’s introduction, Michelle Obama says: “We don’t have to remember everything. But everything we remember has value.”

Michelle Obama is seemingly embracing the sort of feel-good, self-help platitudes that have made fortunes for many.

The former first lady used her memoir Becoming not only to make a big foray into the publishing world, but also as the basis for a high-profile world tour.

She made stops in major arenas around the globe and was interviewed by major celebrities ranging from Sarah Jessica Parker to Oprah Winfrey.

Michelle Obama has been innovative in turning her position as a famous first lady into a true money-making juggernaut.

Multiple Media Ventures

Not only is Michelle making her mark in the literary realm, Michelle and former President Barack Obama are also pushing into film and television.

The Obamas are working with Netflix to produce shows covering a wide range of topics, according to The Washington Post. They started a production company named Higher Ground Productions that is partnering with the streaming service as a way of entering the world of film production.

There is no exclusivity deal between Netflix and the Obamas’ production company. This leaves the door open for them to work for other outlets and distributors in the future.

The Obamas are wealthy as is, but they’re now busy building their personal brand by capitalizing on their tenure in the White House. Meanwhile, there is no shortage of love for the couple among the elite in media and Hollywood. Needless to say, they will most likely be multimedia darlings for quite for a long time.

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