Top Dem says Michelle Obama may be real possibility as party’s nominee

With extreme division in the Democratic presidential primary race, there is still room for a surprising addition — and at least one top Democrat is predicting that Former First Lady Michelle Obama will end up being nominated by a brokered Democrat convention, according to Breitbart.

That would be the ultimate slap in the face to current frontrunner Joe Biden.

No clear leader

With no concrete leader in the race at the moment, there are a lot of questions about who will come out on top. Not only is Joe Biden’s “frontrunner” title in a precarious position, but none of the candidates nipping at his heels have great chances to defeat Donald Trump, according to The Hill.

Considering those circumstances, former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson is predicting that the Democratic primary is headed towards a brokered convention and that delegates could end up nominating Michelle Obama.

He explained the reason that he believes this could end up happening is that “there’s a total of 4,600 delegates that are out there, 3,800 are pledged. But these superdelegates, 785, could be the margin of victory. They can’t vote until after the second ballot. But if you look at the top tier…they’re all bunched up around 20 [%] or a little lower. And you need 1,119 to get a first-ballot victory. I don’t see any way that’s going to happen.”

He went on: “I think we’re going into a brokered convention. The new rules from the Democratic National Committee point to a brokered convention in the second and third ballot, where everybody’s free after the second ballot, third ballot. Potentially, some new candidates might emerge that perhaps didn’t enter the primary like Michelle Obama.”

So there is a real possibility that someone like Michelle Obama could be chosen, as she remains untarnished by the primary campaign process. Obama would also bring a level of charisma that no other Democrat candidate has shown as of yet.

Would she be a good candidate?

While Richardson is making his predictions about Obama, the question shifts to how effective a candidate she could be.

Former Vice President Joe Biden’s campaign is in free-fall, and that leaves Sen. Bernie Sanders (VT) and Sen. Elizabeth Warren (MA) as the Democrats’ frontrunners. The liberal bent of both of those candidates is raising major concerns about their ability to win against Trump.

Michelle Obama, while certainly leftist, is seen as more of a centrist by the general population and has none of the baggage the other candidates have. While she may lack the kind of traditional qualifications required to lead the country, in this dismal Democrat field, it doesn’t matter.

Qualifications and experience don’t win elections, personalities do. Trump was a political outsider when he ran in 2016, and it was his personality that really pushed him to the top. Hillary Clinton had a lot of experience in government, but her abrasive personality dragged her down.

It will be a situation to keep an eye on as the Democrats are getting desperate, and Michelle Obama just might be the answer to their problems.

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