Michelle Obama polls as top Biden alternative candidate among Democrats

 January 28, 2024

As Joe Biden faces a widening deficit in opinion polls against his potential Republican opponent, Donald Trump, in the upcoming U.S. presidential elections, the Democratic Party is contemplating alternative candidates.

Former First Lady Michelle Obama has emerged as a recent consideration in response to concerns about Biden's declining popularity.

The growing idea

The idea of an alternative to Joe Biden gained traction following observations by David Axelrod last November, indicating on social media that Trump appeared to be well-positioned for a potential return to the White House in the 2024 presidential election.

Axelrod, a former adviser to Barack Obama and a key Democratic strategist, emphasized that the decision ultimately rests with Biden, who would become the party's nominee if he remains in the primary race.

This prospect gained attention among Republicans, with influential figures like Senator Ted Cruz suggesting that Barack Obama remains a pivotal figure within the Democratic Party and could potentially endorse his wife for the Democratic primary.

Polls support Obama

While the notion of Michelle Obama as an alternative candidate had subsided for a time, recent polls revealing Biden's diminishing popularity, especially in key battleground states, have reignited discussions about this possibility.

Conservative Congressman Byron Donalds, citing information from sources close to the White House, considered Michelle Obama's nomination as almost certain during an interview with Fox News.

Republicans are preparing for such a scenario, emphasizing concerns about Trump's potential return to the White House.

Speculation emerges

Republicans also point to Michelle Obama's recent statement expressing apprehension about the possibility of Trump winning the 2024 election.

While Democrats have not officially commented on the former First Lady's statements or acknowledged discussions about her nomination, media reports suggest that opinion polls within the party indicate Michelle Obama could have a better chance of countering Trump compared to Biden.

Democratic internal polls align with broader public sentiments that view Biden as aged and fatigued, potentially unable to complete a second term.

Many voters seem unconvinced about the positive economic results touted by the White House.

As media outlets report that Republicans are taking the scenario of Michelle Obama entering the Democratic primaries seriously and preparing for potential challenges, political strategists like Roger Stone, a longtime adviser to Donald Trump, emphasize the need for the GOP to confront and counter Michelle Obama's proven popularity among voters, particularly minorities, a crucial constituency for presidential victory.

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