Michelle Obama among most popular 2024 Democratic presidential choices: Poll

President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris have been struggling in almost every recent poll related to their respective performances in office.

As recent reports indicate, the situation has become so dire that former first lady Michelle Obama might have just as good a chance of winning the 2024 Democratic presidential nominee as any other Democratic hopeful if Biden decides not to seek re-election.

More bad polling news for Dems

Despite the fact that Obama has never been elected to public office, her popularity among Democrats seems to highlight how desperate the party is for a competent and electable candidate in the next presidential election cycle.

The Hill-HarrisX poll included responses from 939 registered voters between Nov. 18-19 and included a question about which candidate participants would vote for if Biden is not an option.

While Harris was at the top of the list, she was joined by the former first lady. Among the other possible contenders were former New York Gov. Michael Bloomberg, Sens. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), among others.

The vice president received 13% of the vote, which some might consider surprisingly high in light of recent polls that show her with a historically low approval rating.

On her heels was Obama, who received support from 10% of respondents. All the rest of the contenders received 5% support or less.

‘Unsure’ emerges as most popular option

It is worth noting that no single candidate received nearly as many votes as the “unsure” option, which garnered a nod from 36% of respondents. Another 13% said they would back a candidate who was not listed as an option in the survey.

In the end, these responses seem to reflect the situation in which Democratic Party officials currently find themselves.

The Biden administration has faced widespread and bipartisan pushback on various issues as congressional leaders in the party face their own popularity deficits.

Of course, it is still early to predict what the electoral landscape will look like ahead of the 2024 election season, but recent off-year races in Virginia and elsewhere suggest GOP candidates are in a position to win big in next year’s midterm elections.

Not only do historical trends show that a president’s party generally loses seats in Congress during the first midterm election of his term, but Biden’s sagging approval rating could cause further headaches for Democrats attempting to compete in close swing-state races.

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