Michelle Obama makes plea to energize Democrat voters

Michelle Obama is trying to hammer home a message she hopes will stick with Democrat voters.

In a recent email, Michelle Obama told supporters, “There are no ‘off’ years when it comes to being a voter.”

She added, “I’ve always said that voting isn’t just about presidential elections – it’s about every election at every level.”

Playing the Long Game

The former First Lady knows if the Democrat party is going to build on any momentum they gained during the 2018 mid-terms, they must keep the pedal to the metal.

Democrats always seemingly have the numbers, but far too many of their voters don’t show up on election day. Michelle Obama is hoping to change that.

While Democrats saw a record number of voters come out for the 2018 mid-terms, there were still millions of voters sitting on the sidelines.

Republicans have the same problem, just not to the same degree as Democrats.

Changing States

The GOP needs to pay attention to what Michelle Obama is doing because they are going to need to do the same thing in vulnerable red states.

Look no further than the battle Ted Cruz found himself in for his Senate seat in this past election. Texas has long been a red state, but more liberals are moving there the from coastal states, changing the voter base in the state.

That Beto O’Rourke was able to mount a serious challenge to Cruz should serve as a massive wakeup call. Every state is at risk coming into the 2020 election.

The main reason Trump won the last election was that he was able to not only carry traditionally red states, but he was also able to win a few battleground states that have historically voted for Democrats.

Trump was able to do that with a fairly weak ground game in 2016. That will not be the case in 2020, so Republicans better start rustling up votes now or we could see some big changes come January 2021.

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