Among Dems’ 2020 contenders, Michelle Obama leads the pack in approval ratings

Michelle and Barack Obama may be trying to do what Bill and Hillary Clinton could not.

Recent approval ratings among potential Democratic 2020 presidential contenders have Michelle Obama at the top of the heap.

Could she be the first former first lady to run the country?


Michelle Obama’s ongoing book tour for her memoir Becoming has kept her on the radar of the American people over the last several weeks.

During the tour, she has been very vocal against the current administration in the White House.

Mrs. Obama has taken shots not only at the president, but also at the current first lady during this tour.

All the while, liberals are eating up every word she has said.

Additionally, the former first lady has been touching on some hot topics that have apparently gotten voters fired up for her to take a run at the White House.

And of all the names on the Democrat wish list, Michelle Obama is probably the most worrisome of all.

Making History

Indeed, Bill and Hillary Clinton tried to make history in more ways than one during the 2016 presidential election: Hillary was running to become not only the first female president but also the second half of the first married couple to both be commander in chief.

But Hillary fell short because people did not trust her.

Voters were also disenfranchised with our political system and wanted someone out of the norm.

But while Michelle Obama was a first lady, she has not held any elected offices, much like Trump when he won in 2016.

She also represents minorities, something that will play well with voters in the next election.

First Lady Turned President?

Additionally, Dems know that Barack Obama’s presidential legacy has been obliterated by this administration.

Who better to put it back in place than his wife, right?

She was one of the most popular first ladies in history, and she would definitely be a formidable opponent for President Trump.

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This could also be a way for Democrats to put their wonderboy, Barack Obama, back in the White House.

Every president has a limit of two terms in office.

However, if Michelle Obama were to run, they could add Obama on the ticket as the VP, in essence, giving him at least one more term as president — and that is a very scary thought.

The only question now is: will she run?

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