Michelle Obama jokes about Trump indictment

Michelle Obama never misses an opportunity to take a jab at President Trump.

During an interview last week, Michelle Obama made a joke about Trump being indicted.

Of course, the liberal crowd absolutely loved it.

The Double Standard

Sometimes, the words that come out of Michelle Obama’s mouth are absolutely stunning.

She actually had the audacity to state there was more scrutiny on her and Barack than there is on Donald Trump.

During her appearance in Detroit last Tuesday, the former First Lady said she and Barack had to be on high alert after Obama was elected president.

Michelle stated, “We can’t make mistakes. We can’t get indicted.”

She gave a little pause for effect, which the crowd caught, giving her both a giggle and a round of applause.

Then she really dropped a bomb.

“There is a difference in standards. We are seeing that right now. We live with double standards all the time,” Obama added.

Really? A double standard?

The only double standard taking place is the fact the press NEVER held Obama or anyone in his administration accountable for their actions.

A Dose of Reality

Remember when Obama shut down the government over his Obamacare?

No big deal, right?

Shut down the government to force through unconstitutional legislation… no problem at all. That is just how Washington operates.

How much outrage has there been over the “Trump shutdown,” as Democrats have taken to calling it?

Because, you know, they have absolutely no role in all of this.

Hillary was let off the hook how many times? And actually defended!

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Obama sent pallets of cash to Iran and it barely made headlines.

Mrs. Obama, every time you speak, you prove you are a complete hypocrite.

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