Michelle Obama is 'shamed' for her silence on Hamas' hostage taking

 December 16, 2023

The father of a 19-year-old who has been taken hostage by Hamas terrorists is now criticizing former First Lady Michelle Obama for her silence on the matter. 

According to the New York Postthe hostage is 19-year-old Naama Levy, and her father is 52-year-old Yony Levi.

Naama Levy is one of those individuals whom Hamas took during its Oct. 7 terrorist attack on Israel.

She remains in Hamas's custody, over two months later.

Why the silence?

Yony Levi recently participated in an interview with the Post in which he wondered why it is that the likes of Michelle Obama have not spoken out about the women, like his daughter, whom Hamas has taken hostage and continues to hold hostage.

Yony Levi revealed to the Post that he "talked about Michelle Obama often" with his daughter. He said that his daughter "believed [Obama] to be someone who not only cared about global women but also someone with a really good heart."

But, Yony Levi highlights the fact that the former first lady has been missing in action on this issue.

He told the Post: 

What I want to know: Why has [Obama], and all these other famous women Naama looked up to, and all of the global human rights organizations she believed in, stayed silent about what has happened to my Naama and all the other girls who are still held hostage? It is like they have disappeared. Their silence shouts loudly.

This indeed does seem to be the case. Obama's husband - former President Barack Obama - on the other hand, has made some pro-Palestine public remarks, which may help to explain his wife's silence.

Naama Levy's capture

As mentioned earlier, Naama Levy was captured by Hamas during its Oct. 7 terrorist attack against Israel.

The Times of Israel, at the time, reported:

Naama Levy, 19, was taken captive by Hamas terrorists on October 7 from the Nachal Oz army base, as they launched an attack, killing and kidnapping soldiers. Levy had just finished her course the previous Wednesday to become an observation soldier at Nachal Oz. She arrived at the army base the next day and was taken hostage on Saturday morning.

The New York Post separately reported that Naama Levy "was filmed by Hamas being dragged out of the back of a jeep at gunpoint, barefoot with her hands bound in bloodied clothes, and shoved back into the vehicle."

Since then, both Levy's father, Yony Levi, and her mother, Ayelet Levy, have spoken out publicly about their daughter's capture. Ayelet Levy has said that she has felt "helpless" as her daughter remains in the custody of Hamas terrorists.

Naama Levy is one of 19 women who is still being held hostage by Hamas. The terrorists also still have 113 men.

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