Michelle Obama criticized after “Black Panther” comment ignores history

Former first lady Michelle Obama is adept at two things. Race baiting and sticking her foot in her mouth.

She did that again this week when Mrs. Obama celebrated the new blockbuster movie “Black Panther,” incorrectly, as the first superhero movie to feature an African-American hero.

Superheroes That Look Like Them.

The former first lady made the same error that Salon Magazine made last week when it said that “Black Panther” was the “first blockbuster-format release featuring a black hero front and center.”

Obama made the mistake when she tweeted her followers after she watched the movie.

“Congrats to the entire #blackpanther team! Because of you, young people will finally see superheroes that look like them on the big screen,” she tweeted. “I loved this movie and I know it will inspire people of all backgrounds to dig deep and find the courage to be heroes of their own stories.”

It shows you how many “black” movies the writers at Salon, and the former first lady, have watched.

They either wanted to cash in on the hype of the movie by using it for self promotion or they are, in fact, this ignorant.

Correction Made.

There were a plethora of superhero movies that had black actors in the lead role before the much ballyhooed “Black Panther” came along.

The 2008 movie “Hancock” starring Will Smith, The “Blade” series starting Wesley Snipes, 1997’s “Steel” starring Shaquille O’Neal and “Spawn” starring Michael Jai White and 2004’s “Catwoman” starring Halle Berry in the title role.

You could even count comedy superhero movies “Blankman” starring Damon Wayans in 1994 and “The Meteor Man” in 1993 starring Robert Townsend.

Movie fans reminded Obama of that on social media, The Washington Times reported.

“So which is it: did you never watch super hero movies and read comics till [sic] this year or were none of the awesome black super heroes from years before good enough for you?” responded one user.

“[I] guess you’ve never watched #Hancock [with Will Smith] or #Blade before,” added another. “Congrats on making EVERYTHING about race.”

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“Do I come from a parallel universe?” replied a third person. “Is that why nobody seems to remember the 3 very successful Blade movies? You know, the ones with the black Marvel hero Blade. Guess I may have imagined them and this film is really groundbreaking. Sorry Mr. Snipes.”

The comment was liked over 1,300 times.

“Deadpool” held the previous February box-office record with $132 million over its opening weekend.

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