Michelle Obama declares herself “forever First Lady”

If you thought Michelle Obama was done patting herself on the back, think again.

Michelle Obama took her hubris to a whole new level when she called herself the “forever First Lady.”

Did She Really Say That?

Yes, you better believe she said it.

Michelle Obama seems to be holding the belief she is the most revered First Lady in history.

Since her husband left office, she has continued to not only attack President Trump, but also promote divisiveness in this country.

In addition, she has belittled conservative women for their beliefs.

Now, does that sound like someone that would be considered our “forever” First Lady?

How It Happened

Mrs. Obama was speaking to a group of high school students in Philadelphia.

They were at Temple University for a 2018 College Signing Day event.

Sadly, when she made the comment, the future generation cheered her loudly.

Oh, the Hypocrisy

Something that makes America different from many other countries in the world is that we are a true Democratic Republic.

Those elected to office are expected to represent those that voted them into place.

Something else that makes this country rather unique is titles are never appointed for life.

Michelle Obama, apparently, believes those guidelines do not apply to her.

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While First Lady is not an elected title, it is one that comes along with the elected office of the president of the United States.

Perhaps someone need to remind Mrs. Obama the adjective required is former rather than forever.

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