Michelle Obama makes career announcement during Oprah’s 2020 Vision Summit

The reception that former First Lady Michelle Obama and TV personality Oprah Winfrey received at Oprah’s 2020 Vision: Your Life in Focus summit was rather remarkable.

During the fifth stop of the tour, the two took the stage together and were welcomed like the second coming of The Beatles by their liberal fans. During that event, Michelle Obama revealed that she will be spending the rest of her career trying to mold today’s youth to become better leaders for our country, Breitbart reported.

Déjà vu

The appearance took place on the very same stage where Michelle Obama appeared a little more than a year ago in her now-famous $4,000 gold boots, a fact that was not missed by Oprah.

That night, however, Michelle was promoting her new book, Becoming. To date, her book has sold more than 11.5 million copies and has earned the former first lady a Grammy for her storytelling.

On that night, Michelle spoke of her book. On this night, however, she attempted to show her skills as a stand-up comedian.

The laughter that came from the audience often came at the expense of former President Barack Obama. She proceeded to make him sound like a pervert and wimp in the process, poking fun at Barack’s “ugly, loud cry.”

Just vote

While the night was filled with cheap laughs, it also unsurprisingly offered some veiled shots at President Trump and conservatives in general. Winfrey hinted she wished Barack Obama could run again, to which Michelle stated: “Just vote y’all, that’s all I’m saying. Just vote.”

While making a promise to not get political, Michelle offered some insight into how she hopes to “help” the “next generation of leaders.”

She said she plans to spend the rest of her career helping the next generation to “understand a broader sense of values that they can operate within because I do think that we are short on that right now, that our leaders are not paving a good path for what we want our kids to be. I’m sorry to say that. I don’t want to make this political in any way,” she said.

Maybe she means leaders are supposed to be people like her husband’s former Vice President Joe Biden, who has a son that is a deadbeat dad and drug addict. Or perhaps today’s children should be more like presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren, someone who lied about her ancestry to further her career.

Better yet, they should follow the example of Michelle Obama’s own husband, a man who regularly circumvented the Constitution to push his liberal agenda.

Sorry, Michelle, but you are the last person that should be preaching about values.

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