Michelle Obama extends ‘Becoming’ book tour with 21 new dates

The rumors are true: Michelle Obama’s stadium-packing book tour isn’t over yet.

The former first lady will continue to promote her memoirBecoming, at more than 20 additional speaking events throughout 2019. The book became the most-sold book and number-one non-fiction title within weeks of being published in November, with 3 millions of copies sold so far.

“I’ve been so humbled by the response to the tour thus far and the overwhelming interest we’ve received from so many communities we weren’t able to visit this year,” Obama told People.

Michelle Obama continues tour

Obama-mania is as lucrative as it is real: polls have shown that Mrs. Obama is the most admired woman in the United States — knocking down another first lady, Hillary Clinton — and husband Barack is the most admired man.

But while former Secretary of State Clinton has certainly enriched herself with books to her own cult-like following, her robotic personality is a striking contrast with Mrs. Obama’s go-get-em charisma. Obama’s publishers announced that another 21 tour dates will be added to the current schedule, carrying the tour well into 2019.

The new dates include appearances at Portland, OR; Phoenix, AZ; Austin and Houston, TX; Atlanta, GA; and Nashville, TN. Obama will also go to Canada and Europe, making stops in Denmark, Sweden, France, and the U.K.

Obama announced the tour extension last month as the year was wrapping up and she was finishing the first part of her tour, with her book already rising to become the No. 1 hardcover of the year despite a fourth-quarter release.

“That’s why I’m thrilled that we’re able to expand our conversations to these new set­tings and wider audiences,” she said. “I can’t wait to con­tinue the discussions that have been so meaningful for me and, I hope, for so many others.”

“Becoming” a huge success

Obama’s book recounts her career and life from girlhood in Chicago. The memoir tells the narrative of her “becoming” the successful millionaire she is today despite prejudice she faced as a black woman growing up. Obama recently told an audience that she still suffers from “impostor syndrome” with lingering doubts about whether she belongs in the spotlight.

The book has been a smash success, selling millions of copies within just weeks of its release. It’s one of the fastest-selling non-fiction titles ever and one of the best-selling political memoirs.

The book also has been met with a glowing reception from liberals and major left-wing newspapers. Former President Barack Obama also revealed his favorite books of the year recently, which included works on political theory and social justice, but his wife’s memoir unsurprisingly topped the list.

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Obama sees her book as an answer to the critics who she says have put her down over the years for defying gender expectations, as Obama was a particularly outspoken first lady and continues to be a major voice in feminist activism.

Some have speculated that Mrs. Obama, with her Oprah-like popularity and name recognition, is planning to mount a presidential campaign in 2020 but nothing is known for certain. Indeed, the book’s release, coming as it did midway through Trump’s first term, makes it seem likely that the former first lady has bigger dreams than getting rich off a book.

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