Fans flock to see Michelle Obama at anniversary book signing in DC

Former First Lady Michelle Obama has been a vocal leftist since she first stepped into the White House and her “fans” love her for it.

So, it was no surprise that on the one-year anniversary of her book “Becoming,” there was a line out the door for an anniversary book signing in Washington D.C.

Selling out

According to reports, there were 500 tickets available for the event and they were “scooped up” rather quickly. The signing was held at Politics and Prose bookstore in Washington, D.C.

Michelle Obama was scheduled to show up at 6:00 p.m. but the fans started to gather a full five hours before Michelle Obama sat down to sign books.

By all accounts, the former First Lady was personable and took the time to shake hands and chat with just about every person attending.

When one woman told Obama that she missed her, the former First Lady responded, “I’m here. I’m right up the street!”

Obama was clearly referring to the rather pricey home she and former president Barack Obama are now living in, thanks in part to the lucrative book sales and speaking fees the two now enjoy post-presidency.

Will she run?

There is no doubt that Michelle Obama continues to have a huge following among liberals. There is also little doubt the current field of Democrats is going to have a problem defeating Donald Trump come election day.

That being the case, there have been rumblings for months about Michelle Obama running for president.

Honestly, though, the couple seems to have gotten what they want from this country. Now that they are private citizens, they are enjoying the fruits of the office and have become overnight millionaires.

Unlike the two most recent Republicans that sat in the Oval Office, the Obamas followed the path of the Clintons to exploit the office for their own personal gain.

Point being, Michelle Obama can make far more money speaking and writing books than she can running for office, so it is highly unlikely she or Barack would be willing to give up their newfound money to move back into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

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